3D modeling from photograph

Digitizing artifacts from ancient ruins either in solid or broken state are difficult and expensive because of using costly ‘laser scanner’, this also needs expertise . Laser scanner can produce fine detailed 3D with 0.008″ precision. But the range of it’s price starts from 15,000 US$ to 1,50,000 UD$ [/source]

But there is a cheaper solution of making 3D or digitizing artifacts. 100% accuracy is not possible, but a decent model can be achieved. Even the available software costs around 1500 US$, but relevant an expensive laser scanner it is much cheaper and required less skill. Any digital camera can work with needs minor calibration and skill can work fine. Perfect for us who are living in a developing country and want to work in the field of ‘digital heritage’ 🙂

I got some degree of success in my my first attempt. I have posted a model of my own flower-vase, which I have bought from a local craft shop ‘Arong’. You can have a look of the 3D model at http://hafizur.bdheritage.info/3d/

Image of the original flower vase :

Original flower vase

Image of the 3D [http://hafizur.bdheritage.info/3d/]

3D model from photographs

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