Somapura Mahavihara (Sanskrit; Bengali: সোমপুর মহাবিহার Shompur Môhabihar) in Paharpur, Naogaon, Bangladesh (25°1’51.83″N, 88°58’37.15″E) is among the best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent and is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.
Web portal for Sompur Mahavihara

Since its discovery in the early twentieth century the ruins of Sompur Buddhist monastery became the focus of the scholars of the architectural history of Bengal. Considering its cultural and historical significance, UNESCO has inscribed it as a World’s Cultural Heritage Site in 1985. However, research findings from various heritage scholars and heritage professionals are still spread over in different places. It is very difficult if someone wants to know more than the basic about this monument. Also there is no such effort has ever found to collect these valuable resources in one place.

As a part of a research project I have launched the site on last 15th August 2010. This site has been developed to collect fragmented info from various location as well as also gather public experiences and memories. This is the one of the first attempt in the world (obviously first time in Bangladesh) of such kind, specially designed for an specific heritage site.

Success of this effort depends on public participation and support from heritage-professionals. Lets see what happens !!!!

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