My poster for SmartDoc Heritage 2010

My poster (with my supervisor Tan Beng Kiang) accepted and published in SmartDoc Heritage 2011, Pennsylvania, USA.

Poster from Hafizur Rahaman for SmartDoc Heritage 2010
Interpreting Digital Heritage (Hafizur Rahaman, SmartDoc 2010)

Being a part of an ongoing research; this paper hypothesizes that ‘dialogic interaction’ through active participation helps to develop multiplicity in digital heritage content; hence enhance interpretation and enable end-users to attain the desired perceptual sense of place and culture. The main scope of this research therefore remains twofold. First by developing a methodological framework, which is likely to benefit interpretation of digital heritage by involving participants in a process that enables them to engage in a dialogic-interaction and collectively generate contextual perception (from cultural disposition of common spatial experience) of the past. Second, to conduct an explorative study to evaluate ‘interpretation’; perceived by end-users and measure the effectiveness of the aforementioned model. Thus, a successful completion of this study will contribute in both theory and practice in digital heritage consumption and dissemination.

Good luck for me 🙂

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