Commercial 3D repositories

I submitted a journal article comparing 3D repositories and explaining their features. A reviewer suggested to include a list of 3D commercial repositories. So, I followed his/her advice and made a list of 60 commercial repos. Here is the copy of the table 🙂

While making an online survey and making the list, I have found four genres (there might be more, which I am not aware of) –

1. Most of the repos are ‘trading’ platform or ‘marketplace’. People buy and sell 3D models. A seller usually doesn’t need to pay for upload/showcase the models but have to pay certain % of their earning to the service provider. This type of repos is mostly focused on Gaming industries.

2. The second group is focused on 3D printing. Models are sold by both individuals or commercial software developers. Watertight 3D models targeting the printing industry.

3.  3D software developers also showcase their 3D models (made with/by their own software) and allow free downloads. This third type sometimes also allow their software-users to showcase 3D models.

4. Another type of online platform literally doesn’t host 3D models but hosts ‘3D model developers’ to open their online stores. Interesting business model!

By the way, the most interesting point I have noticed that only four of them have their own 3D model viewer; the rest use 2D images to represent/showcase 3D models.

No. Name Weblink Download option Location Notes
1 3D Scanstore Free/Paid UK 3D Scanstore provides reference scans of humans for character development.
2 3DContentCentral Free USA This repository is a service for engineering companies by Dassault Systèmes, owner of SolidWorks.
3 3Delicious Free Uzbekistan free 3D models particularly suitable for architectural visualization.
4 3DExport Free/Paid USA, Hong Kong No 3D viewer
5 3Dheadscans Paid USA The commercial 3D characters are available for reasonable prices.
6 3dMdb Free/Paid USA Global 3d search engines. Advantages Most engines of this type provide a link to the source from which the 3d model was indexed.
7 3DModelFree Free China No 3D viewer
8 3dshook Free/Paid Israel Printable 3D files
9 3dsky Paid No 3D viewer
10 3dxo Free Germany
11 All3dfree Free USA All free models
12 Free Uzbekistan
13 Archive 3D Free
14 Artec 3D Free Luxembourg, USA, Russia
15 Artist-3D Free Not known
16 Autodesk Online Gallery Free USA Own site
17 bentanji Free/paid Italy Marketplace.
18 BiblioCAD Free/Paid Argentina No 3D viewer
19 Bitgem Free/Paid Victoria, Australia 3D modeling studio for 3D games.
20 Blendswap Free USA Blender community
21 CADNav Free USA CADNav features a large selection of free CAD models from fields like engineering and architecture.
22 CGTrader Free/Paid Lithuania, USA, Israel No 3D viewer
23 Free Canada 3D viewer. is a full-featured cloud-based 3D modeling, animation and rendering software tool that runs in your web browser.
24 craftsmanspace Free USA
25 Cults 3D Free/Paid France
26 Design Connected Paid Bulgaria a large collection of furniture 3D models for sale.
27 Dimensiva Free/Paid Moscow, Russia
28 Evermotion Free Poland
29 FlyingArchitecture Free Czech Republic FlyingArchitecture is a portal dedicated to 3d models, tutorials and materials. Our products are primarily set for V-ray for Rhino render engine.
30 Free3D Free/Paid USA No 3D viewer
31 free3dbase Free Poland
32 gCreate Free USA The 3D printer manufacturer gCreate has designed a series of home decoration accessories.
33 GrabCAD Free USA, UK, Estonia, Israel No 3D viewer
34 Hum3D Paid Cyprus
35 Human Alloy Free/Paid The Netherlands Commercial 3D models
36 Kenney Free The Netherlands Kenney is a Dutch game developer that specializes in low-poly games, allows gaming assets available for download.
37 luxxlabs Paid UK User can open own store.
38 MyMiniFactory Free UK No 3D viewer
39 NASA 3D Resources Free USA
40 OpenGameArt Free Not known OpenGameArt is a forum for game developer enthusiasts out there. Besides message boards and tutorials, the page also provides a large download section.
41 Oyonale Free France
42 p3d USA Own 3D viewer.
43 Free Germany, Austria, Croatia
France, Italy, UK, USA,
Japan, China, South Korea, India
Upload your 3D CAD models for free on and show them to your friends and co-workers with the app.
44 Pinshape Free/Paid Vancouver, Canada Pinshape is one of the largest and fastest growing 3D printing communities and marketplaces for printable designs.
45 PixelLab Free/Paid London, UK PixelLab is a publisher of plugins and extensions to Cinema 4D. The second hat it wears is creating high-quality 3D models and textures
46 Poly Free USA
47 Renderpeople Free/Paid Germany Renderpeople sells high-quality 3D models of people.
48 ShareCG Free USA No 3D viewer
49 Sketchfab Free/Paid USA, France Own 3D viewer.
50 Smithsonian 3D Free USA 3D viewer
51 Syncronia Free/Paid Italy Commercial 3D models made by manufacturers
52 Thingiverse Free USA Own site. No 3D viewer
53 TinkerCAD Things Free USA TinkerCAD Things is the portal for 3D modeling hobbyists working with Autodesk’s free TinkerCAD software.
54 TraceParts Free USA, China, Brazil, EU The website allows CAD designers to quickly access exact free 3D models of components that they can use in their engineering work.
55 TurboSquid Free/Paid USA No 3D viewer
56 Unity Asset Store Free/Paid USA Own site. No 3D viewer
57 vizpark Free/Paid Germany
58 Wild3D Free California, USA Own 3D viewer. Model and Material Formats json, obj + mtl, stl [binary]
wrl [binary], dae
59 Xfree3D Free Cyprus
60 YouMagine Free The Netherlands YouMagine is a community dedicated to open-source projects, encouraging its users to share, remix and work together.


Sketchfab and Cultural Heritage !

#Sketchfab is a platform to store, publish, share, buy/sell and visualise 3D model (in AR/VR). It provides a ‘viewer’ that allows users to display/view #3Dmodels on the web, mobile device, #VR headset and in #AugmentedReality (through provided app). The viewer also allows 3D animations, annotation of text and images and embedding 3D model on external websites on #Facebook, #Twitter and #WordPress. The most interesting thing is, they support cultural heritage institutes for hosting and sharing their #digitalassets ! That’s why I love #Sketchfab. Can’t find a suitable rival !

Comparison study by Hafizur Rahaman

Humanities Journal Article of the Year 2019, Curtin University.

We may be well aware of ‘Heritage Interpretation’ and the role of ‘Interpreter’. However, is there something called ‘Digital Heritage Interpretation’? When we use a mobile app and visit/explore a heritage site, can we refer that ‘app’ as an ‘interpreter’? If yes, then what should the app need to do/present/communicate with us to achieve the best understanding of the site.

Curtin University awarded me ‘Humanities Journal Article of the Year 2019’ for my paper ‘Digital heritage interpretation: a conceptual framework’ that tries to answer these questions.

The article can be accessed at:

#digitalheritage, #digitalheritageinterpretation, #hrahaman, #endusers, #curtinuniversity

Photo to 3D to AR: Free and Easy

I have published an online #videotutorial (or course) on “Photo to 3D to AR: Free and Easy”. This course is designed for beginner to intermediate user, to show the process of creating detailed and accurate 3D models with texture using #Photogrammetry. Keeping in mind following this method, the users can save a large amount of time in 3D modelling with compare to manual modelling and texturing. I offered the course at #Udemy and it is completely FREE at

I spent a large amount of my spare time for planning, recording and in developing the course, and offered it as Free. Wondering, whether it could help others to learn #photogrammetry. I am surprised to see within 10 days, more than 1900 students across the world got enrolled !!! Also surprised, that two HOD from #CurtinUniversity have shown their interest to include this course under formal university modules.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 2.38.34 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 2.52.44 am

Keyword: #hrahaman, #photogrammetry, #Regard3D, #MeshLab, #Sketchfab

Head Mounted Display

I have been trying to understand head-mounted displays (#HMD); why they are for, their use? price? etc. From my understanding, first I have made a ‘poster’ and later a short brief video. As I am not a programmer or developer; this video reflects my own experience of using various HMDs, such as #BoboVR, #HTC Vive, Sony #PayStationVR, #FoveVR, #GearVR, #Meta2 and #HoloLens.


The video link can be found here at YouTube:


Workshop on ‘3D to Mixed Reality: From Regard3D to HoloLens’

I with my PhD student Mafi conducted a workshop at library makerspace, Curtin University, Bentley, WA, Australia. 18 participants attended the event for 2 hours on 23rd November 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 7.42.36 pm

Brief of the workshop:

3D models adopted/generated from image-based modelling techniques are increasingly used in research, shared online, incorporated into digital archives, and developed as assets for 3D games and for Virtual Reality applications. On the other hand, various HMDs (Head-Mounted-Display) offer Mixed Reality experiences; help us to experience and interact with virtual environments and objects via gesture, speech, gaze, touch and movement. This workshop will demonstrate how to make 3D models from photographs with free and open source software (FOSS, Regard3D), how to import a 3D model to a specific Mixed Reality HMD (Microsoft HoloLens), and you will also learn how the HoloLens can interact with the 3D model in mixed reality.

Tutorial can be downloaded (3.9 MB) from this link: Tutorial_3D to MR

However, we have covered a workflow from Regard3DMeshLabSketchfabUnity 3DHoloLens.




Advice from FreeCodeCamp




Up to this point, I have mostly shared my story with some advice sprinkled in. Chances are if you’re reading this, you either are thinking about changing careers or are in the middle of learning to code with the intent of changing careers. I hope that the advice below will help you develop a plan or stick with your current plan and reach your goal.

  1. Find out what motivates you and use it to your advantage. For me, it was checklists, documenting my progress, and interacting with various programming communities. If you are not motivated to reach your goal, then nothing else matters because you won’t finish.
  2. Make goals and meet them. I would argue that you should have monthly goals and maybe even daily goals. Monthly goals to make sure you are on track to meet your main goal, and daily goals to make sure that you actually make daily progress. One strategy that worked for me was to make my daily goals the night before. That way, you can’t do unproductive work all day and feel like you made progress when you really didn’t. It forces you to compare your daily accomplishments with your daily goals.
  3. Go to meetups way before you think you are ready. Going to meetups can feel scary, but as I mentioned above. But, in general everyone is nice and willing to help. You might find people that aren’t interested in talking with you, but they are the minority and no one will be judgmental. Also, everyone loves to give advice (like I’m doing right now).
  4. Contribute to open source way before you think you are ready. When you first start programming, Github seems like this scary place that you never want to go to. It is actually very welcoming to beginners and is a great place to see good code and get your own code reviewed. If you’re still not convinced, check out my post, Why you should contribute to open source right now.
  5. Start applying way before you think you are ready. This one was tough for me because I thought I was different. I thought I didn’t need to test the market to get a feel for what to work on. I thought I would know when I would be ready to apply. I’m telling you right now. You will not know when to apply. So you might as well start now. You shouldn’t go crazy and apply to 300 companies before you learn for loops. But you should know that the best way to know what you need to learn is by applying and testing the market.

Open Source resources for MxR

[ Source:, dated 26 Oct 2018]