CAADRIA 2010 best paper award is mine

I have received the best paper award from CAADRIA (Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia) 2010. This is join paper co-author with my supervisor Dr. Tan Beng Kiang.

The 15th CAADRIA conference held in Hong Kong, from 7-10 April 2010.

This year CAADRIA received 177 abstracts from 28 countries around the world. After reviewing, 130 abstracts were accepted to proceed to the second stage for full paper submission. All submitted full papers were reviewed by 3 or more reviewers drawn from a panel of 63 international readers. Finally the Paper Selection Committee accepted 62 papers for final editing and presentation at the 15th CAADRIA Conference.

All papers printed in the proceedings and presented at the conference are eligible and automatically taken into consideration for best paper award . The following criteria are taken in consideration for the selection of the Best Paper Award:

1. Clarity of writing
2. Good structure and argument
3. Contribution to the field
4. Good conclusion
5. Contribution and relevance to CAADRIA
6. Appropriately illustrated, good use of tables
7. Appropriate references (number of, range, range of sources etc)

Fortunately my paper titled “Interpreting digital heritage : Considering the end-user’s perspective” received the best paper award.

Hafizur Rahaman
CAADRIA_2010 best paper award

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