Photo to 3D to AR: Free and Easy

I have published an online #videotutorial (or course) on “Photo to 3D to AR: Free and Easy”. This course is designed for beginner to intermediate user, to show the process of creating detailed and accurate 3D models with texture using #Photogrammetry. Keeping in mind following this method, the users can save a large amount of time in 3D modelling with compare to manual modelling and texturing. I offered the course at #Udemy and it is completely FREE at

I spent a large amount of my spare time for planning, recording and in developing the course, and offered it as Free. Wondering, whether it could help others to learn #photogrammetry. I am surprised to see within 10 days, more than 1900 students across the world got enrolled !!! Also surprised, that two HOD from #CurtinUniversity have shown their interest to include this course under formal university modules.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 2.38.34 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 2.52.44 am

Keyword: #hrahaman, #photogrammetry, #Regard3D, #MeshLab, #Sketchfab

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