Workshop on ‘3D to Mixed Reality: From Regard3D to HoloLens’

I with my PhD student Mafi conducted a workshop at library makerspace, Curtin University, Bentley, WA, Australia. 18 participants attended the event for 2 hours on 23rd November 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 7.42.36 pm

Brief of the workshop:

3D models adopted/generated from image-based modelling techniques are increasingly used in research, shared online, incorporated into digital archives, and developed as assets for 3D games and for Virtual Reality applications. On the other hand, various HMDs (Head-Mounted-Display) offer Mixed Reality experiences; help us to experience and interact with virtual environments and objects via gesture, speech, gaze, touch and movement. This workshop will demonstrate how to make 3D models from photographs with free and open source software (FOSS, Regard3D), how to import a 3D model to a specific Mixed Reality HMD (Microsoft HoloLens), and you will also learn how the HoloLens can interact with the 3D model in mixed reality.

Tutorial can be downloaded (3.9 MB) from this link: Tutorial_3D to MR

However, we have covered a workflow from Regard3DMeshLabSketchfabUnity 3DHoloLens.




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