Few grants to start 2018 !

Not bad to receive 4 small grants at the beginning of the year ! However, I am most interested about the Pelagios-Working Group funding.

We have received £3,940 (approx. 7250 AUD) for a one day event on geo-humanities and Australian Cultural heritage. The grant will pay for national speakers (a flight to Perth and two nights hotel).In parallel, we will also arrange a  round table at Digital Humanities Australia 2018 conference (Making Connections: https://aa-dh.org/conferences/dha-2018/) with the results, plus address questions raised with the design and testing of free course material and resources available online, leading to a white paper submitted to UNESCO. Our focus will be on a major workshop hosted at Curtin, Friday 26 July, on Linked Open Data, and Pelagios and Recogito, on how they can be used, modified and extended for key Australian datasets and research problems. We aim to gather the many small geo-humanities / digital humanities mapping projects and themes in Australia to create resources and tutorials to develop Pelagios and Recogito for specific Australian datasets.


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