Eick Champion visited Me

The great man who made me fascinated about virtual world and digital culture is Erick Champion. Since his first writing “Cultural engagement in Virtual Heritage environments with inbuilt interactive evaluation mechanisms’” during 2002, I am following him. I believe he was the first who tried to apply game engine to virtual heritage to evaluate end-users’ learning of culture from the past. His applied methodology of hermeneutics and argument with Kalay’s typology of virtual worlds made him unique.

Erick visited NUS on 10th August 2011. He was in hurry and his visit was a ‘transit’ towards Europe. Thanks Erick for giving me long time and showing some very interesting projects. I wish I could meet you again in somewhere – the world is very small and we all lives in a small domain of interest. Good luck for your trip to  .


Erick and Hafiz in CASA, Dept of Architecture, NUS, Singapore

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