Upcoming paper in IJAC

Submitted my first journal paper for the special edition of IJAC : New Frontiers. International Journal of Architectural Computing is a reputed international journal [http://www.architecturalcomputing.org/] in the field of architectural computing published by Multi-Science publishers [http://www.multi-science.co.uk/index.htm] . Hope this paper is going to be published soon. This paper is an extended version of my CAADRIA 2010 paper.


Title : Interpreting Digital Heritage: A Conceptual Model with End-Users’ Perspective

Abstract : Present virtual heritage projects are mostly focused either on ‘process’ or ‘product’ but rarely consider ‘users’ (end-users’ perception of the content) with project contents predominantly developed with an ‘ocular-centric’ tendency. There is no significant interpretation method or principle for interpreting digital heritage like other disciplines such as archaeology. This paper argues that, for better interpretation and experience of a digital heritage site, a comprehensive interpretation method is required, which should address end-users with various background, overcome the linearity in narrative level and subjectiveness in content creation. This paper also argues that instead of pre-determined instructional sequences or descriptive interpretation, the interaction setting can be participatory and contributive, where the end-users and environment may engage in ‘dialogic-interaction’. In terms of methodology, ‘Interpretation’ is first conceptualized by assimilating definitions from various heritage scholars and interpretation organizations. Notions of interpretation-practice and level of interaction are identified from reviewing some online digital heritage projects. By identifying weaknesses, this paper finally proposes a conceptual model for developing a comprehensive interpretation method for future digital heritage projects.

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