nominated for the Best of the Web award

Museums and the Web is the largest international conference devoted to the exploration of art, science, natural and cultural heritage on-line – wherever the network may reach. It is designed by and for museum professionals, features the best work from around the world, and highlights the use of new technologies in the museum context.

Each year, a committee of peers recognises the best museum work on the web in some certain criteria, such as :

  • Audio / Visual / Podcast
  • Education
  • Exhibition
  • Innovative / Experimental
  • Long-lived
  • Mobile
  • Museum Professional
  • Research / Online Collection
  • Social Media

This year has been nominated in the Social Media category.  It was quite difficult to make such enormous site with one hand – without any sponsorship.  All my hard work, sufferings and pain will dissolve if this site can get any recognition from M&W.

Good luck for me 🙂

Sompur Mahavihara on
Sompur Mahavihara on

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